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Osiris Funeral Home Software® is a revolution in simplicity that is accessible anywhere - from your office to the palm of your hand.

Built on next-generation features, pay-as-you go pricing, and customer service you have to experience to believe, Osiris takes efficiency to a new level.

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Osiris® - Software

Funeral Home Software

Osiris®, our incomparably simple and powerful Funeral Home Software, makes it easier than ever to run your funeral home.

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Osiris Powered Websites

Funeral Home Websites

Manage your website with the power of Osiris®. With obituaries and service information flowing automatically to the web, your site stays effortlessly up-to-date.

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Trusts & Accounting

Funeral Home Accounting

Our Trust Accounting Services provide regulatory reports and meet annual tax reporting requirements. Our clients benefit from decades of funeral industry-specific expertise.

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