Get to Know Osiris Software & Funeral Directors Resource

Osiris Software & Funeral Directors Resource, Inc.

We are a company managed by funeral directors, focusing on the unique needs of funeral directors.

For over 20 years, we've been helping funeral homes prosper. Through innovative solutions and world class service, our passion has always been helping our clients replace burdens with success.

Today, we continue this tradition with Osiris® Funeral Home Software, our cutting-edge case management solution designed to save you time and money. Please Contact Us with any questions or for more information.

Meet our Owners and Management Team

Kris GreyKris Gray 

Manager of Customer Success

Kris is a second generation funeral director and graduated from Dallas Institute of Funeral Service in 1993.  He has worked with Osiris Software in his own funeral home for the past 7 years.  Kris has a unique understanding and perspective because he knows the demands of the funeral industry firsthand.  Kris is one of the owners of Funeral Director's Resource and now works exclusively with Osiris.  He enjoys passing on the important insights he has gained.


Kara Gray LudlumKara Gray Ludlum, MBA

Manager of Customer Experience

Kara and her husband, Marty, founded FDR in 1991. Kara has extensive knowledge of the funeral industry as well as business and accounting. Kara and her family have owned and operated funeral homes in Frederick, Grandfield, and Lawton, Oklahoma for many years which gives her a broad understanding of the funeral industry. Kara graduated with honors from the University of Oklahoma in 1986 with a degree in accounting and became certified in 1987. She also obtained a Master’s in Business Administration from Cameron University in 1991. Kara is also a licensed funeral director and embalmer.

Ben AdamsBen Adams

Manager of Product Innovation 

Ben has been with Osiris Software since 2007. He has over 20 years of technology industry experience, industry certifications and a degree in Application Development. One of the greatest strengths of Osiris is the continuity of development and the talent gained from Ben's passion for user friendly solutions.  He provides technical guidance for Funeral Director's Resource and directs the development of our software offerings including Osiris, our case management product.

Jayna MannenJayna Mannen

Chief Operating Officer 

Jayna has been with Funeral Directors Resource since 1995. She began her career with FDR by working part time while pursuing an accounting degree. Jayna graduated with honors from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma and joined the company in a full time staff position in 1999.  Jayna continued to move up in the organization and now manages our accounting and tax department.


Keith MannenKeith Mannen

IT Director & Trust Manager 

Keith is a graduate of Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma where he received a finance degree. He worked as a staff accountant for a manufacturing firm and a Credit Union before coming to Funeral Directors Resource in 2000. Keith manages all of the technology needs for FDR.  Keith is also the manager of the prepaid accounting services and assists with customer support for Osiris.