Accounting Services

Experience That Benefits You

Our owners, Kara Gray Ludlum, and Kris Gray, are both licensed funeral directors and former funeral home owners.  Kara Gray Ludlum is also a certified public accountant.  Kris and Kara owned and operated their family’s funeral home, crematory and cemetery for many years.  Through our firm, Ludlum & Mannen, C.P.A.'s, we specialize in funeral industry accounting services.   

Services We Provide

Our accounting services are designed to work hand in hand with our Osiris Funeral Home Software.  A few of the services we provide:

  • Federal and State tax return preparation
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Assistance with learning Quickbooks
  • Assistance in creating your company and chart of accounts in Quickbooks
  • We can give you industry trends and help you find the right financial direction for your funeral home, cemetery or crematory.
  • Prepaid funeral trust accounting 

We Specialize in Helping Funeral Homes Become More Profitable

  • Have you ever wondered what causes cash flow shortages?  We can help!
  • Do you need help in preparing reports to better communicate your financial strength?  We can help!
  • Do you know the three biggest obstacles to a good profit margin? We can help!
  • Do you ever wish your bank balance was higher?  We can help!

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Mailing address for Accounting Correspondence:

Funeral Director's Resource, Inc.
P. O. Box 69
Fletcher, OK 73541

Physical address:

515 Cole Avenue
Fletcher, OK 73541