Hear From FDR

Making Your Preneed Program Build Value for Your Business

A quality preneed program is a vital part of a successful funeral home. It is essential for your firm to survive in the long term. The most important factor of a successful preneed program is offering the right product. Read More

What Memory Picture Are You Leaving for Your Families?

As a funeral director, I am amazed when families don’t appear to see the value in viewing and spending time with their loved ones in the casket. I remember 30 years ago when every family who came into our funeral home expected to see their loved one in a casket. Read More

The Customer is Key: Lessons From Starbucks

How is the funeral business like the coffee business? Can we learn some lessons from Starbucks? Funeral directors can learn from the coffee giant by putting their name on the cup and use engagement and personalized service to improve the quality of the relationship with customers. Read More