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Osiris Funeral Home software is a revolution in accessibility, affordability and simplicity, reducing the effort and manpower needed to run your business. There is no contract, and zero upfront cost. One affordable monthly fee includes all updates and support.  Accessible from any computer or the palm of your hand, Osiris requires no long-term obligation.  Software updates, automatic backups and unlimited technical support are yours with your low monthly fee. See our Osiris pricing.

Surprisingly Simple

Have multiple locations? Need access from home? No problem… Osiris operates from anywhere.

Osiris’s powerful features never get in the way of its easy operation.  Simple, intuitive to use and self-updating, new features become available the instant they are added.  Now available in the Apple App store and Google Play on Android, the power of Osiris is always available, right in the palm of your hand. 

More Than a Relationship – a Partnership

Osiris software members are welcomed into a community of enthusiastic users and technical experts.  Osiris is constantly being upgraded and improved through field research and customer feedback. 

If you think spending more time with clients and less time worrying about business is a good idea, discover Osiris and see what all the excitement is about!