List of Important Features

Osiris is big on powerful features, but always delivers on its core value: Simplicity.  Because Osiris updates itself, new features are available as soon as they are added.  Plus, with Osiris available on your Apple iOS or Android mobile device, you're empowered to help families anywhere, even from the palm of your hand!

Quickbooks Integration

Because of our roots as an accounting firm for funeral homes across the nation, we have developed a "best in class" integration between Osiris and QuickBooks.  From the foundation, the integration was built around the way funeral homes operate and is supported by a team of accountants who know how the funeral industry uses QuickBooks.

Forms Created Especially for Your Business

You should have a forms list that includes only the forms applicable to your funeral home instead of a long library of forms you seldom use.  We custom-build each form you need so that your forms list is short and efficient and includes just what you need.  We can create a form out of anything that is produced on a page, email or fax.  You just send us a single copy of each form you need and we produce your customized list.

Obituary Generators

You will have the ability to generate obituaries which can be customized to the format you use as required by your newspaper or other publication source.  You build a template (or we can do this for you) and Osiris can use the information you enter about the case to generate obituaries in any format you specify.

Contract Generation

You can generate an FTC compliant contract using your own custom General Price List.  Most funeral directors love Osiris's flexibility to generate custom descriptions for the contract items, required disclosures & payment terms.

Photo Library

Because Osiris is in the cloud, many funeral homes take advantage of the cloud storage for their pictures for cases.  This is a great way to store both preneed and at need photos for use in videos or other service items.  This is also the place where you will store your photos that you will use in our email system to send obituary photos to newspapers.

Receipt Printing

Osiris gives you the ability to enter and print payments from either preneed or at need customers.  These payments then can be exported into QuickBooks at the touch of a button which simplifies the production of financial results.

Case Notes

You have the ability to post important notes about a file so that everyone who opens the file can check to see important "noteworthy" information about a case.

Access from your Smart phone or iPad

You can access Osiris from anywhere using your home computer or even from the cemetery using your smart phone or iPad. You can view preneed cases at 2 am so you are always prepared to meet with your families anytime.

Email Obituaries directly from Osiris

You have the ability to email directly from Osiris.  No more using two different systems to manage the emailing of obituaries. Osiris gives you the ability to email, track and view activity related to your emailing of obituaries.

Contact Directory

You will have the ability to manage your contacts directly in Osiris.  You can store your contacts such as minister's cell phone numbers in Osiris so you can manage them from anywhere.

Use of Categories to Track Types of Services

You have the ability to track the types of services you perform by funeral director or location for any date range. The categories can also be used for tracking purposes to show the location's progress, sales goals or other details.


You can use Osiris to produce custom lists of Aftercare next of kin address mailing labels. These can be used in a mailing program or for annual memorial or veterans services.

Bill Your Customers Directly From Osiris

You can track Accounts Receivable and send customer statements from Osiris or QuickBooks using the QuickBooks integration.

Automatic Case Numbering

You can assign case numbers using Osiris. It keeps track of the last case number you used - according to the specific location for multiple location firms.