Feedback and Comments from Osiris Users

"I have been using the program for over 9 years and LOVE my program Osiris!!!"

Dean Spalding, Kelley & Spalding Funeral Home & Crematory, Highland Park, IL

"I'm so thankful for Funeral Director's Resource and Osiris!!  You guys are amazing!!"

Cheryl Benoit of Moore Funeral Home, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I really appreciate all of your help and expertise...I would definitely refer you guys to anybody in the market for a data management solution."

Jason Tickle of Prairie Hills Funeral Home of Ogallala, Nebraska


"After using Passare, Directors Assistant, Continental and Falcon etc. This is by far the friendliest and  most teachable and accountable software out there. We are so pleased with this software."

 Todd Noecker | Ruffner-Wakelin Funeral Homes and Crematory


"Great Software-This helped our independent funeral home modernize our system easily. This worked so well, I would suggest it to anyone."

Katherine Naugle | The Law Office of Katherine Schnauss Naugle, P.L.



"We went from complete paper records and contracts to Osiris, which was a huge project. I loved the ease of entering the contract as well as the efficient record keeping. Overall Osiris is exactly what we needed. A lot of research went into this purchase for our independent funeral home. It does everything that we need. It modernized our whole operation and was a super smooth transition to software based records. I absolutely love all of the reports and the ease of billing and accounts receivable with the program! I would also like to give a humble thank you to the whole team at Osiris, including the wonderful customer rep. The customer service provided by Osiris is like no other. I swear there have been times I broke the program, and they literally will log on to the computer and walk me through the issue to get me back up and running ASAP."

Kailee Vitelli | Marshall-Spoo Sunset Funeral Chapel of Grover Beach, California


"I love it! It's so user friendly and really encompasses everything you need. I honestly don't have one bad thing to say about Osiris. It never crashes, times out, or has long waits for updates. It really is the best program ever! The staff is so nice every time you call. They take the time to fix the problem and then explain it so if you ever have the problem again you know what's going on. I truly love Osiris!

Heather Moffat | Chism-Smith Funeral Home of Irving, Texas | 5 Years with Osiris Software


"I have been using the Software for over 5 years, I find it very easy to maneuver myself through it. I honestly don't have any problems with this product since we acquired it in August of 2013."

Ramon Garza | All Faiths Funeral Services of Austin, Texas | 5 years with Osiris 


"Great management system. This software makes it easy to manage cases. You can also easily manage the financial transactions and export to Quickbooks."

Roy Schnauss | Naugle Schnauss Funeral Home and Cremation Services | 2 Years of use with Osiris


"The VA forms look great!  The Death Certificate also seems to be working well.  Thank you for your help with our transfer of data from our former software vendor.  I am very impressed with the software and we are all very happy with the transition.  I am impressed with the entire team at FDR and the support has been amazing.  Thank you so much!"

Anthony of Mays Funeral Home of Calais, Maine


"Osiris is the best thing I have ever done for my business period!"

 Roger Ford, Ford Funeral Service, Midwest City, Oklahoma


"The price! Ease of use! Customer service, multiple locations management made extremely simple and cost effective, Cost is unbelievably reasonable compared to other programs on the market! Custom pdf files made for your firm upon request within a couple days!"

Matthew Fredrick | Fredrick and Son McClure-Utt Funeral Homes and Crematory of Vincennes, Indiana


"Simple Arrangement Software with Quickbooks Integration. The ease of use and how it exports my client files into my Quickbooks systems. Arrangement meeting are much easier with the software and math errors are thing of the past. We enjoy the software and it makes meeting with clients and pricing much easier." 

Cameron Naugle | Naugle Funeral Home and Cremation Services and Naugle Schnauss Funeral Home and Cremation Services


Pros: "Customer support, and the interface between Osiris and Quickbooks. It has helped to stream line our accounting process. Excellent support and customer service."

Jim Sickonic | Mountain View Mortuary & Cemetery of Altadena, California


"The program itself is pretty easy to learn to use and is packed tools, forms and customizations. But the best Pro is the Customer Support Team. If I see a need for data collection, or I make a simple request to add something to a form, I get an immediate response on who has taken ownership of the request, and continual feedback about where that person is in the process. I feel as if I, myself, am part of the team. I have just come into this industry in the last couple of months, so I was very concerned I'd have a long period of training to get up to speed with industry needs and demands. Although I know there is more to learn as far as the industry is concerned, I feel as if I have mastered the paperwork demands by using Osiris."

Bradley Bevins | Palmer Marler Carberry Funeral Home| 12 years of use with Osiris Software